Q & A with Makeup Artist Candace Anderson Edwards


Name: Candace Anderson Edwards (Cannye) 
Occupation: Licensed Cosmetologist/ Production Makeup Artist
Years in the Industry: 12 years

Q: When did you first learn that you had this amazing talent?

A: What's funny is that I grew up being a tomboy. I was active with sports and always had a ponytail and carmex. 

When I was in high school I started doing acrylic nails and that sparked my interest. My first job was in a funeral home; doing makeup and hair for the deceased. The families were so impressed with how their loved ones looked for the last time and that's what led me to cosmetology school to further learn the craft. 

Q: What has been the most exciting moment in your career? 

A: I actually have a few moments. I did a makeover for a cancer patient who lost her hair from the disease and treatments. I created and styled a custom wig  and did her makeup. Her gratitude and reaction to her transformation made me realize this is what my career is all about. Another exciting moment was working behind the scenes for the Beyoncé's tour and working with her dancers for makeup and male grooming. Working on tv sets and with some of my favorite celebrities has also been exciting highlights in my career. 

Q: You've been #Indiqued! Tell us about your experience working with our brand?

A: Indique!!!!!!!! My clients and I love working with Indique. When my clients are in my chair they tell me how much they love the atmosphere and ambiance of the Indique boutique. The staff is knowledgable about the products, they love the unique packaging and the intimate boutique setting. Let's not forget to mention the hair! The fact that my clients can sit down in my chair and reuse and color their extensions time and time again is simply amazing. 

Q: What advice do you have for someone aspiring in your field?

A: You have to make sure you come in the industry with tough skin and a strategic business plan.

You have to do something different to stand out in a crowded and competitive industry; so be unique.  

Make sure that you find a specialty and perfect it.

Know your worth and value it, so that your customers respects it. Be mindful of your price points and find ways to limit discounts and promos. Charge your worth.

Always keep up with trends, be a student and never stop learning new techniques.

Learn not only the art of the industry but the business end as well.

Retail and resale.

Don't be afraid to take risks.

Represent your brand. I always say that a person would think twice of taking a business card from a dentist with no teeth.

Lastly, always be ready, prompt and professional. 

Q: What have been some of the barriers you've faced in this industry? 

A: Some of the barriers that I have faced in this industry is creating my own platform and opportunities. I make sure that I brand myself to the fullest and that I network. It's important to have a backbone and a creative brain as an artist. I am always hosting events and panels so that artists can come together and compliment one another instead of compete. I've also had setbacks when I was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm in 2015. I am still living with it and I am grateful that I am a miracle and fulfilling my purpose. Being unstoppable leads to unstoppable blessings from God. 

Q: What is a staple beauty item that we should all have? 

A: Shea Butter! :) It's great for hair, skin, and nails. It's also found in almost everything beauty or skin care related. 
Q:  What can we expect to see from you in the future?

A: I have been blessed to work for some awesome tv projects. One will be released this summer. It's going to be amazing to see my name scrolling in the credits. I am also launching another makeup tutorial and working on my product line and book. 

Social media handle for Twitter & Instagram : @iCannyeArtistry

Facebook: iCannye Transformation Gallery 

Meet Candace at Indique Chicago for the Beat The Heat: Makeover Edition event!