Q & A with Owner of Vault Cosmetics, Jackie Mgido

Name: Jackie Mgido
Occupation: Make-Up Artist and Owner of Vault Cosmetics
Years in the Industry: Launched make up line in 2012

Q:When did you first learn that you had this amazing talent?

A: I learned about my talent, when I tricked my dad into thinking I had no makeup on.  Our culture at that time believed that make up was for women of the night.

Q: What has been the most exciting moment in your career?

A: My most exciting moment was when I was featured in Forbes Africa as the cosmetic line that is changing the face of Africa. I want to make sure women are educated about color matching and wearing the right makeup for their individual needs.

Q: You’ve been #Indiqued! Tell us about your experience working with our brand?

A: I have learned a lot working with Indique.  The customer service and the products, speaks for itself.  Perfection!

Q: What advice do you have for someone aspiring in your field?

A: Do not give up, a positive attitude is EVERYTHING!!

Q: What have been some of the barriers you’ve faced in this industry?

A: The main barrier I have faced is the ability to fully believe in myself.  I am my biggest barrier of all things deserved.

Q: What is a staple beauty item that we should all have?

A: A good eyebrow kit. 


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Website- www.vaultcosmetic.com