5 Beauty Brands You Want in Your Makeup Bag

AJ Crimson 

AJ Crimson is a self taught make-up artist, who prides himself on enhancing a woman’s natural beauty. His products are the first choice of many celebrities and artists such as Adrienne Bailon, Brandy, Angela Bassett, and Christina Milian just to name a few. AJ Crimson started his cosmetic line because he wanted to enhance the lives of women on a broader scale and create makeup that didn’t change or oxidize. “I wanted to create a product inclusive of women of all ethnicities, a product all women could find ownership in ad believe in. So often, makeup has been designed with a one size fits all mentality, and with black women and women on color, my cosmetic line contain shades for woman of every ethnic background and skin tone.”- AJ Crimson

Vault Cosmetics 

Vault Cosmetics makeup line is fit for a 15-year-old fair toned teen to a 80-year-old chocolate woman, and anyone far in between. Jackie Mgido is the founder of Vault Cosmetics, which offers a complete product line including foundation, concealer, eye shadow, and vibrant lip stains. All of Vault Cosmetics products are hypoallergenic, fragrance free, non-comedogenic, and allergy tested. Vault prides themselves on not only offering a great product, but educating the consumer on proper techniques and benefits of makeup.

Tyra Beauty 

Tyra Beauty is jam packed with products to fulfill your makeup needs. Tyra Banks recently launched “Tyra Beauty” and it is already a hit on the market. Beauty lovers are raving over Smack My Fat Lash, 2 Minute TY Over, and Lip Model. Tyra believes she would not have been a super model without makeup, so she created Tyra Beauty to give beauty lovers the power to transform what they have into what they want. Tyra beauty also includes shades for everyone including “Light, Deep, and Deeper than Deep”. While shopping for your favorite products on Tyra.com, you can receive top secret super model make up tricks and actually watch application tutorials.

Black Up 

Black up is a high end cosmetic line based in Paris devoted to women of color. Black Up caters to women with deeper skin tones looking for great quality products and an array of skin complementing colors. A consumer favorite is the Black Up Shimmering Body Oil that give skin a natural glow that is beautiful on any skin tone. Black Up is also known for having the perfect skin complimenting red lipstick and true nude nail polished for deeper tones.

Shea Moisture

It’s pretty safe to say Shea Moisture is absolutely killing the game. Shea Moisture has makeup for every skin tone and users can find comfort in knowing Shea Moisture uses natural ingredients that improves the skin.  There are 172 beauty products for consumers to choose from, including a 30-Daily Moisture Renewal Supplement.  Shea Moisture cosmetics also offers natural face primer, make up brushes, and almost every shade of foundation you can think of.