Summer Boost- #YourTea Review

Even though we are approaching August and the idea of Fall Fashion and layering is top of mind, pool parties are still happening! Need a sure way to help maintain your Summer physique and feel healthy & rejuvenated at the same time? Try the 14-Day Liver Cleanse. 

I had the pleasure of trying the cleanse and I must say, not only did I have more energy, I was actually eager wear my skinny jeans! 

So what is the Your Tea Liver Cleanse

"Our Your Tea Liver Cleanse really is an easy, basic cleanse that almost anybody can do. It is set up to support you through 22 days of getting your digestive system really clean. You may not know that plaque and gunk build up, even in healthy guts, as a means to protect the body. It goes into overdrive to trap toxic matter generally in fatty tissue to make sure you don’t get sick. Toxins we are exposed to; air, pollution food, life in general, take their toll and make us sluggish. Since we don’t live our lives in bubble wrap, we have to find ways (like cleansing) to help our bodies have a good dredge every now and again. Our Liver Cleanse is here to help." (source-

I must say, giving up coffee was the hardest thing that I've ever had to do. I had no idea that I was addicted to it. After day 3, the coffee-free headaches went away and I was able to enjoy the full effects of the tea. 

The night time tea was my absolute favorite! It allowed me to sleep comfortably through the night. I am normally super hot and wakeup at 3am like clock work. With the night time tea, I slept throughout the night and was able to wake up easily for 6am gym time. 

I finished the cleanse 5 lbs lighter, with more energy, a fun new recipes (I'm almost a top chef!)