Mane University: The Freshman Five

Welcome, Class of 2016, to the next big chapter in your life: College! By now you have everything picked out for your dorm decor, your class schedule and textbooks. But have you thought about how you are going to maintain your mane this semester. Freshman year requires some adjusting. Whether that means relocating or a demanding schedule, it tends to be a bit stressful. The last thing you want to put on the back burner is your hair. Whether your on your way to class, party or campus event you need the perfect style to compliment. Some schools can be in the middle of nowhere and it's never easy finding someone new to replace your home base stylist. With that being said, here are our Freshman Five hair tip that will guarantee healthy and stylish hair!

  1. Consult with your hairstylist. Ask them to create a healthy hair regimen with product recommendations. Any stylist will happily do this for you. The last thing they would want is for you to come back at the end of the semester with severely damaged hair. 
  2. Healthy hair starts from the inside out. Make sure you are getting all your vitamins and nutrients. Eat a well-balanced diet and take hair, skin and nails vitamins.
  3. Braids or twist are a great protective style that can be very versatile. This is the style you want for your 8am Monday class. No brush or comb needed. 
  4. Add a couple of tracks. Sometime you just need a little oomph and a few rows of extensions will do the trick. The key is using extensions that match you hair texture for a seamless blend. Indique Hair offers the best extension on the market and has a wide variety of textures to choose from. 
  5. Try a U-Part or full wig, it may be your best hair investment. Many stylists are now constructing custom units. This is another great protective style. The great thing about a custom unit is its lifespan. A well made unit with good hair can be used over and over agin. Not to mention the time your save not having to sit in a salon for a weave. 

Check out Orange Is The New Black's Vickey Juedy installing a U-Part at Indique Studios


Visit your local Indique Hair boutique to receive a 10% student discount off your purchase when you present your student ID.

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Click here to learn how you can become an Indique U Ambassador