The 90's has Officially Made a Comeback...

I hope you are in the mood for some nostalgia in your do's because It's time to dig up those old photos from our youth and gain some "hairspiration"!! Everything 90's has made its way back into 2016!


Hair wisps are now all the rage and can be worn with every other 90's hairstyle, from the half bun to the space buns to even accent braids and half up cornrows. Just make sure you adjust the amount of hair wisps you leave out depending on your hair length and style.


Although hair scrunchies were once reserved for our childhood, everyone's favorite childhood accessory has made a comeback! Scrunchies are a great way to add a statement piece to any outfit, you can play with the different options of print and texture, my current favorite being the velvety scrunchies. Scrunchies also pair well with another 90's trend- the high ponytail. This is one of my personal favorites since the possibilitiesare endless.


You can have it full and loose (like Rihanna) or wear it sleeked and polished (like Selena) or you can wear it to the side for a fun flirty look and you always have the option of adding a braid or rubber bands (like Olivia). Bantu knots are one trend that I've personally been obsessed with since I first laid eyes on Jada Pinkett Smith in the Matrix! This hairstyle is an awesome way to style your hair without using heat and doesn't require much manipulation. Another plus is that the next day you'll be left with a very nice curl pattern, two hairstyles in one? You can't beat that!