Top 5 Instagram Plus Sized Fashion Bloggers

We've complied our top 5 favorite plus sized fashion bloggers! Check out our list below:

Indique fave, Gabi Fresh is a plus sized beauty blogger that has created capsule swimsuit collections and written various fashion columns for major fashion publications.

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Nadia Aboulhosn known for her sharp tongue and even sharper sense of style, this fashion maven has been outspoken about the criticism women of larger sizes are constantly faced with when it comes to daring fashion

Nicolette Mason, known for her whimsical style and love of all things girly her page is full of amazing pictures documenting her travels, all while looking amazing doing so!

Amarachi Ukachu is a Nigerian-American blogger that is known for her love of prints. The louder the print, the better!

Franceta Johnson is a graphic designer that shares cute outfit ideas and even cooler doodles.