Muslim Women Breaking Barriers

In a culture that is known for regulating it's women's modesty throughout history, beauty is considered a private pleasure, intimate, sometimes even secret. More recently Muslim women have been breaking barriers and celebrating other Hijabis – Muslim women who cover everything but their hands, feet, and face for modesty and in accordance with their religion.


Nura Afia

CoverGirl recentley named its first Muslim spokesperson, beauty blogger Nura Afia. She will be the new ambassador for the new So Lashy! BlastPro Mascara. Afia's Youtube channel, has more than 200,000 subscribers. Afia often posts tutorials about how to get the perfect smoky eye or a fresh daytime look,  she also uses her hijab in creative ways. She's posted videos on how to tie a turban hijab and make it look amazing, which received thousands of likes and comments. Now, she's showing off those skills to millions with a new CoverGirl commercial and a huge billboard in New York City's Time Square.

Noor Tagouri

Noor Tagouri, a journalist for Newsy, is the first hijab wearing muslim woman to be featured in the infamous magazine as part of the"Renegades" spread, which features a diverse group of fully clothed millennials who the magazine believes is bringing change in their respective fields.

A first-generation Libyan American from West Virginia, Noor says her dream is to be the first hijab-wearing anchor on U.S. TV. She received attention online in 2012, when she posted a photo of herself at an ABC 7 News desk, with the caption: 'The first hijab wearing news anchor on American television. 

In her Playboy photos, Tagouri wears black pants and white Converse sneakers, as well as a white t-shirt paired with a black leather jackets. Though she was fully dressed ( Playboy stopped fully nude spreads in 2015) she received a lot of backlash, mostly social media trolls. But others have jumped to her defense, saying that Tagouri’s shoot is empowering and inspiring. 

Rahaf Khatib

Women’s Running unveiled Rahaf Khatib, a Muslim marathoner who wears a hijab, as its October cover star. 

“I feel like [other] covered women maybe are hesitant to get out of their comfort zones,” Khatib tells the magazine “Maybe it’s a lack of apparel out there; maybe it’s all the negative press about Muslim women.”

The 32 year old mother of three is a six time marathoner who broke out of her comfort zone in 2012 through running marathons.