Whats The Big Difference Anyway?

With all the hype around our newest texture added to the Bounce collection, some of you may be wondering what makes the Bounce Blow Out different than our other textured patterns.  


Indique's Bounce Blow-Out is meant to emulate natural hair when it's been blown out. With a balance of coarseness throughout you'll have no problem blending whether your hair is pressed or natural. Style icons such as Erykah Badu have rocked 'dos similar to this one. 


You can achieve this look by using IE Heat Guard and a flat iron to tame some of the volume, finishing with IE French Argan Oil to lock in moisture.

Next, we have Indique's Bounce Relaxed Straight. This hair was created with the divas who are relaxed or have silkened hair. With the appropriate amount of texture throughout, it has a very subtle kink meant to mimic natural hair when pressed out. In comparison to the Blow-Out, Relaxed Straight is smoother, silkier and carries less volume. Insecure star Yvonne Orji is sporting a look that is comparable to our 22'' Bounce Relaxed Straight and Pressed Straight Closure misted with IE Shine.

Yvonne Orji.jpg

Last but not least, Indique's Bounce Natural Roots - inspired by the natural movement. This is great for the women who still want a protective style but are growing out their natural hair with the ends still relaxed. This hair will lay the flattest, and is the silkiest and smoothest of all 3 textures.

Gabrielle Union.jpg

If you too would like Gabrielle Union's look, grab Indique's Bounce Natural Roots, a curling wand, IE Heat guard and a bit of the IE French Argan Oil.

No matter what stage of your natural grow out process you're in, Indique has you covered!