Riley Rose X Forever 21

Riley Rose, a new concept boutique dreamed up by the daughters of Forever 21’s founders, Do Won and Jin Sook Chang. It is now open at the Glendale Galleria in California, offering a range of makeup, K Beauty products, beauty tools, home decor, and sweet treats.

There will be no Forever 21 brands sold here.  Instead, it will focus on selling hard-to-find cult brands, K Beauty brands and tried and true, staple products. 

Glendale Galleria

Glendale Galleria

The store is reminiscent of a barbie dream house, mirrors galore, the perfect selfie lighting, candy bars, photo opp section and even interactive touch screens so you can find the right products for any beauty trend you want. Instagrammers, fashionista and millenials everywhere will be flocking to Riley Rose. 

Riley Rose is expected to roll out a dozen more stores across the U.S. this year.