3 Reasons you Should Stop Chair Hopping

3 Reasons you Should Stop Chair Hopping

Relationship experts are often quoted saying "One needs to take some time in between one relationship before getting into the next", which most would agree with for a few different reasons.  While you may not be dating your hair stylist, the same reasons can be applied if you are a chronic chair hopper. 

Chair Hopper: someone who frequently changes hairstylist

Before we go into the reasons on why it's not a good idea to chair hop, we must say; as a client who you visit is well within your right - and there are many scenarios that would warrant changing your stylist for your overall satisfaction and hair care needs! This also doesn't apply to women who have a stylist for particular services such as; color, weaves, or natural styles.

1. It takes time


We get it, you have a screenshot of Zendaya's new hairstyle that you showed your stylist, and even though he/she pretty much nailed the look you were going for; you're not quite satisfied with the overall results. If this was your first visit with this stylist, it can take a session or two before they have mastered exactly what you are wanting.

2. Stylist can sense a chair hopper

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Nowadays most stylists require new clients to go through a consultation to fully understand what the client is looking to achieve. During this consultation, the stylist may ask about your normal hair routine, and maybe when was your last visit to a salon & what services were done. These key questions allow the stylist to get a better understanding of the client's salon patterns. What can make matters even worse is when a client will bad mouth a previous stylist to their new stylist.  This can throw some red flags signaling the prospective client is hard to please, not loyal and is probably likely to not return to their chair for future services.

3. Too many cooks in the kitchen


It may not seem like a big deal to go from one salon to the next, but your hair can be suffering tremendously as a result of this. All of those visits to different salons equal a multitude of products being used on your hair + they may not all mix well together. When you have an established relationship with your stylist, they determine what products & techniques to use on your hair to achieve certain styles and hair-care needs that have been identified.  When you go to a different stylist, they could have a completely different line of products that may not mix well with previous products used by the last chair you hopped out of. This can cause serious issues ranging from; chemical reactions, shedding, and even hair loss. 

Take these factors into consideration, have realistic expectations, and do thorough research on the stylist before sitting in the chair and you'll be on your way to having a consistent client/stylist relationship!