5 Things to Keep in Mind When Coloring your Extensions

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Coloring your Extensions

The seasons are changing and who else is tempted to switch things up a little in the hair color department?? With so many options in hair extensions, it's no longer necessary to color your real hair to achieve a new hair color or look! You can just color extensions! Before doing so make sure you're prepared! Here's 5 things to keep in mind when coloring your extensions.

Purple hair


To achieve this very natural, rich purple look you'd have to have 3 bundles of SEA Zen Straight 20" and 1 Pressed Straight Frontal at Indiquehair.com custom colored. 

1. Communication and Research is key!

Before providing the stylist with your extensions make sure to do your research and check out the stylist's previous work. Does any of their previous work reflect what you desire? Does the stylist have any work posted or available to show of their coloring services? 

Whether you're seeking subtle highlights framing your face or an array of 4-5 colors with an ombre effect, make sure to read reviews, view photos of their work and ask questions. It never hurts to provide your stylist with 1-3 photos of what you desire at your consultation/appointment, they'll probably ask you to narrow it down to one photo but having a few pictures allows the stylist to see your vision clearer.

Hair dye meme

This meme illustrates the process (and hard reality) of going from dark brown to blonde.

2. It can be a process, so make sure you have time

A rushed color job typically LOOKS rushed and will leave you unsatisfied. If you want to achieve pastel colors from dark brown hair it's going to be a process and typically not a process that can be achieved in one day. Most stylists care about the integrity of your extensions and don't want to damage it, so coloring hair can be a timely process and depending on what you desire (and the stylist's current workload) it can take anywhere from 3-8 hours if the hair is being colored while installed on your head. If you are dropping off/shipping extensions to a stylist for coloring services the process can typically take anywhere from 1-14 business days to receive the hair (this is factoring shipping time, if extensions were shipped to be colored.)

3. Price varies! 

Each stylist pricing is different, don't be alarmed if you see one stylist charge per bundle and another have a flat rate for the coloring of extensions. Another factor that some stylists take into consideration is if you desire the extensions colored while installed or not. The pricing may vary if the bundles are installed. Other factors in pricing includes the length(s) and number of bundles you're providing. Are you giving the stylist a closure and/or frontal in addition to the bundles to color? Do you desire ombre'? Or more than one color? These are all things that may be considered when a stylist gives you a price.


Fire Hot Hair

Red hair is known to be more high maintenance, as it is known to fade faster than other colors. Make sure to consult with your stylist regarding maintenance before coloring hair.

4. What's the maintenance for your desired look?

Certain hair colors require more maintenance than others and your stylist may recommend investing in particular shampoos and conditioners depending on the color. Lack thereof may result in your color fading quickly. Make sure to know how to maintain your color, so that your hair can stay healthy and moisturized! 

5. Be open-minded!

We encourage everyone to go to a licensed stylist for coloring services but in the day and age of Youtube tutorials, we are aware that there are plenty of people who'd prefer to DIY and color bundles/extensions at home. In this case, make sure to do a strand test before anything else and be open-minded. If it is your first time coloring hair, it may be a messy, timely process. A great attitude towards this exciting endeavor should definitely steer you in the right direction! 

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