Benefits of Grapeseed Oil

If you're a person who suffers from extremely dry skin, there's nothing more harsh on the skin and scalp than Winter! Just a few months ago you had glowing and dewy skin! Now your scalp itches and is flaky and your skin always feels dry. The remedy is grapeseed oil! It's inexpensive and works like a charm for dry skin and hair!

grape seed

It's lighter than olive and coconut oil and is rather odorless which is a great plus! This oil is rich in Vitamins C,D and E which help in reducing wrinkles as well as scars! This light oil helps prevent dandruff (my scalp can testify to that) and never leaves my hair feeling greasy like other oils!

You can find grapeseed oil at your local grocery store as well in your local beauty supply store, try purchasing the one that includes a dropper for a less messy situation when applying! Enjoy!