All Praise the Jordan Heiress

Even though she's carrying her Hall of Fame father's last name, Jasmine Jordan, the youngest daughter of the Chicago Bulls phenom Michael Jordan, always knew that she wanted to create her own lane and legacy. 

Heiress Jordan


Jasmine's plans are unfolding right in time for the holiday season and she's already proving that she is the heiress to the prolific sneaker throne. While adjusting to her new role as brand representative in the Charlotte, North Carolina area for Jordan Brand, Jasmine debuted the Air Jordan "Heiress" XI, a feminine take on the classic shoe. And let's just say, we're definitely adding them to our Christmas wish list. 

Jasmine told Essence magazine in a recent interview: "the Ones and the Elevens have always been my favorite Jordan sneaker, our design team loved the fact that the Elevens are already an iconic shoe based off of my dad's history with it. They wanted to create a more feminine design and give consumers an extended girl's size. With this design, people get a shoe that's elevated luxury and a holiday season shoe that is very elegant, clean and classy".

That's the Heiress. Inspired by the little black dress, the sneaker incorporates a premium leather and metallic gold material that is both stunning and subtle.  "The almost black velvet material with that kind of diamond shine elevated the look to make the shoe more sleek and the all black is hit," she added.

Jasmine Jordan

As a brand representative and influencer, Jordan hopes that with each purchase of the Heiress--whether it's rocked by someone with Black Girl Magic or Black Boy Joy--the message of the shoe and it's legacy remains the same: it's all about being worn with confidence. "I just want to people to understand that as corny as it may be, anybody and everybody can be an Heiress. Heiress isn't just true to it's actual definition. In all actuality, everybody can be an heiress because it is just another form of being a boss. You can just be yourself, take control and have independence.

If I'm able to let people know one thing, it's be whoever you are because you can claim it and own it. It is not hard but you gotta work for it." And she's not stopping here! “My title at Jordan Brand now is a brand representative in the Charlotte area so I'm pretty much representing all of our Jordan athletes in Charlotte and on the [NBA Charlotte Hornets] team as a whole because we are the only Jordan team in the league. I am a brand ambassador and influencer for so dope things coming next year that I’m really excited about.”


We can't wait to see what's next.