Mad For Plaid For The Holiday Season

The holiday season is not complete without some plaid. Yes, let's get mad for plaid! 
Plaid is a festive print for holiday and it adds a preppy feel to a look. Every holiday season is a chance to incorporate plaid prints into your wardrobe.

Holiday fashion is hardly ever complete without a few essentials and plaid (or tartan) is one of them. In all its colour iterations, plaid dates back as that one fashion fabric that makes it to the forefront in many wardrobes at this time of the year.

Style bloggers across Instagram are whipping out their best plaid pieces this season and we’ve seen enough to inspire you to do same, or purchase ‘something plaid’ if you haven’t already.

From dresses to blazers or a plaid scarf, here are 3 ways to fully get in the season with plaid:

Plaid Blazer

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Plaid Dress
Plaid Skirt