4 Ways to Achieve Stronger Hair

 4 Ways to Achieve Stronger Hair

While extensions are a great protective style we always promote healthy hair underneath. 

Try these great tips to get your strands stronger and longer:

1) Cut It Out: Maintaining consistent trims are a fool proof way to create healthy hair and promote growth. If you are wearing extensions be sure to trim your ends in between installs.


2) Cleanse Smart: Be sure to shampoo less using sulfate free shampoo. Remember don't lather, rinse and repeat.  Sweeten your shampoo by adding a tablespoon of sugar to your favorite shampoo to help exfoliate the scalp during washing. 

3) Stay Out The Heat:  Instead of using heat to achieve your desired textured style try using flexi rods, rollers or braiding damp hair.

4) Eat Clean: You are what you eat. Try revamping your diet by adding more protein.  Protein is the most important nutrient for healthy hair.  Add beans, edamame or chickpeas to your daily meal to get your fix!