Naturals on the Runway!

The natural hair movement has been around since the 60s but has notably picked up steam in the past 5 years.  Sales of relaxers have declined 34% since 2009 and an increasing number of celebrities have begun to celebrate their naturally curly coifs.  For the first time in decades, designers are beginning to use ethnic models rockin' their natural coils. 

Historically, Black, Mixed & Hispanic models have had their curls straightened for shows, often resulting in uneven results, tales of hair damage and an emphasis on a narrow beauty ideal.  With Afros long being a sign of black beauty and style, it’s a refreshing change of pace on the catwalk. One can't deny the powerful image of a single afro amongst hair that swings and blows in the wind.

The recent inclusion of ethnic models is a long overdue shift in thinking on diverse hair textures and broadens the scope of what's really considered beautiful.