Leave Out or Not to Leave Out, that is the Question!

Leave Out or Not to Leave Out, that is the Question!

Before getting your hair installed, there's so many options to choose from that sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming! But have no fear! This is a brief break down of the benefits of having leave out, no leave out, a closure, or a frontal install!

Leave Out

Indique client wearing Bounce Relaxed Straight with minimal leave out

Indique client wearing Bounce Relaxed Straight with minimal leave out

Some of your real hair is left out around hairline ( the "Vixen" method allows you to part your hair in four sections for more versatility) of your head to cover the extensions. Depending on the foundation of your installation, you could potentially have a great deal of versatility!

Pros: Versatility, Cost effective

Challenges: Not ideal for women with short hair due to blending purposes  

No Leave Out

Depending if you're having your hair sewn in, wearing a wig, or quick weave, having no leave out is a great way of protecting all of your hair! Sometimes having leave-out can lead to heat damage on the hair left out due to excessive use of heating tools.

Pros: protects all of your hair at once!

Challenges: limited versatility


Whether you prefer to sport a glorious crown of natural ringlets or something sleek and chic, this texture has the ability to be extremely versatile. There are endless style options with PURE Curly.

Closures are typically lace or silk based and installed according via sew-in or a hair adhesive of some nature (i.e. hair glue or gel). Indique's closures are lace and are 5"x 7".

Pros: Approximately 6 months life span, low-mid maintenance

Challenges: May not be able to put hair in an up-do (depending on install), delicate


Editors, Allison McGevna and Shamika Sanders get red carpet ready for the 48th NAACP Awards crowned with Indique's PURE Wavy hair and Natural Wavy frontals. With the help of Indique Pro Stylist Joyce Koomson and Celebrity MUA Terrell Mullin, they slayed these Hollywood glam looks!

Frontals are a great solution if you are seeking to have full coverage/protection and they provide endless versatility. Indique's frontals are 8.5"x 4" and are available in Curly, Wavy, Pressed Straight and Natural Straight textures! 

Pros: Very versatile, full coverage

Challenges: High maintenance, lifespan typically is 1-2 installations, depends on the care of the Frontal.

Well there you have it folks! A quick, super fast, crash course on leave-out, closures and frontals.