Do's and Don'ts for Curly Hair!

When purchasing hair that has a different curl pattern than your natural hair, figuring out the correct maintenance regimen can sometimes be (a lot of) trial and error. So we've created a guide of do's and dont's for curly hair!!

1. DON'T use fine tooth combs, DO use your fingers to finger comb or wide tooth combs to detangle hair. 

2. DO use Sulfate free and Silicone free hair products!

3. DON'T brush or comb curls while dry. This will cause breakage, also when brushing and combing, start from the bottom and work you way up.

4. Do use minimal heat! And when you must use heat on your hair, always use a heat guard!

5. Lastly and most importantly...CONDITION, CONDITION, CONDITION your hair! When our hair (extensions and natural) is breaking or shedding that is a huge indicator it's time to condition your hair. Typically curly hair should be conditioned at least every 10 days or so.