Curly Hair = Low Maintenance Hair!

7 am -Work out with trainer
8 am -Drop kids off at school
9 am -Office
12 pm -Dentist appointment
3 pm - Meeting
7 pm -Date 

Lets face it, life can feel a little crazy from time to time with everything on our plates, but that doesn't mean our hair has to look like it! A misconception I frequently hear is that curly hair is more suitable for "summer months". When the truth is curly hair is easy to manage in the summer while we're jumping in and out of pools, as well as an awesome, low maintenance hair style, that requires minimal time in the Winter! 

Ericka is wearing Indique's Organic Curl

Ericka is wearing Indique's Organic Curl

Indique Hair Extensions carries a variety of curl patterns because everyone prefers different curls. There's plenty of things to factor in when choosing the curl that works for you. For example, if you plan to have a "leave-out" and your hair is a naturally tighter curl (4a-4c) you may want to choose to go with Organic Curl from our Bounce Collection, which is what Co-founder and Creative Director of Indique Hair Extensions, Ericka Dotson, has installed in the picture above! Ericka is rocking a very easy wash and go style, that's effortless and stunning!

If you're looking for a more looser curl, PURE Curly will give you the less defined curls, it's unprocessed and can be straightened as well!  Other ways you can manipulate your curl pattern if you have the time, is by using curling irons, flat irons, flexi rods as well as old school plastic rods. 

Now we can have more time in the morning to fix breakfast, press the snooze button or workout and can spend less time doing our hair!

PURE Curly is Indique's Product of the Month for March 2017. As a bonus, the Curly Closure is also Product of the Month for March 2017!