5 Universal Products For All Hair Types

No matter if you rock your natural hair texture, are relaxed or sport extensions, Indique is a one stop shop for all of your hair care needs.  

Just a click or a boutique away, here are our Top 5 universal styling products that are perfect for any hair type.

1. Hair Balms- Design Essentials® Coconut & Monoi Deep Moisture Balm

If you struggle with breakage, dryness, heat damage, frizz and/or hair that appears lackluster, a moisturizing hair balm can serve as the perfect remedy.  Highly moisturizing, balms can be used as a hair and scalp moisturizer, defrizzer, heat and thermal styling protectant and shine treatment.  Not only are balms great for natural and relaxed hair, but they're perfect for blending in your leave-out (straight textures) and adding some shine to your skin while you're at it.

2. Edge Control- Design Essentials Sleek Edge Control

Whether you're relaxed, natural, rocking braids and/or extensions, everyone can benefit from edge control.  Styling your edges has become such a huge trend, but whether you choose to get artistic or not, smooth & laid edges, create a finished polish to any hairstyle.  When choosing the right brand, you'll want to go with something silicone free to prevent build up and flaking.  Named one of the most trusted edge controls and highest selling edge products on the market today, Design Essentials® SLEEK Edge Control is a moisturizing, firm hold, smoothing gel that tames edges while creating texture and sleek styles for short hair.  

3. Leave-in Conditioner- Design Essentials Bamboo & Silk HCO Leave-In Conditioner 

With its ability to eliminate static, provide long-lasting shine, strengthen, soften and protect from heat styling, there is no style undeserving of a good leave-in conditioner. Design Essentials® Bamboo & Silk HCO Leave-In-Conditioner penetrates deep within the hair shaft to strengthen and replenish the hair with Hydrogen, Carbon, and Oxygen (HCO) - leaving hair soft, manageable and full of body.  Need another reason?  It's excellent for all hair types and textures!

4. Dry Shampoo- Indique Dry Shampoo

One of the most slept-on products offering an instant fix by revitalizing greasy, dull and lifeless hair is dry shampoo.  Dry Shampoo is the quick and convenient way to get soft, clean and fresh smelling hair, without going to a salon or using water.  Not just for cleansing and adding texture, it renews and revives your hair giving you a fuller, more voluminous look with lots of body and movement for that easy style solution.  Indique's Dry Shampoo is the perfect choice for your natural or relaxed hair as well as extensions.

5. Shine Spray- Indique Shine Spray 

Who doesn't love a little shine?  Adding luster, brilliant shine, strength and thermal protection in just a spritz, shine spray is the simple and effective way to impart lustrous, healthy shine to your locs.  Indique's Shine Spray is humidity resistant and adds the finishing touch to any hair type, featuring conditioning humectants that add moisture and bring out your hair's own healthy shine.