Protecting your Extensions on the Beach!

Sunny days are approaching which means it's time for fun in the sun, beach adventures, and pool parties! But how do we keep our extensions and natural hair protected while still looking fab?

Here are a few beach approved tips to keep your tresses protected during the midday sun:

1. Before swimming rinse hair with regular water- wet hair will absorb less chlorine and salt water
2. Apply coconut oil or conditioner before swimming- coconut oil create a slippery barrier to protect the hair
3. Do not braid hair when in salt water, this will create matting
4. Shampoo after swimming or apply leave in conditioner/dry shampoo to get rid of excess chlorine and redeposit moisture into the hair.
5. If hair has been lightened apply clarifying shampoo to remove residue from tresses after swimming
6. For lighter tones apply a drop of sunscreen to the ends to protect.

Try these Indique textures to complete your summer look: