Spring into Full Bloom: Floral Dressing

Florals in the Spring is nothing new, but tried and true classics are classics for a reason. This Spring, designers are experimenting with bold & brighter colors that definitely aren’t your granny’s tea party florals. From athleisure to the cold-shoulder style staple we have a round up of bold florals to take you from spring straight into summer fun!

Embroidered Boho

  Tanya Taylor , $695

Florals for Athleisure

  Adidas , $70

Adidas, $70

A great hat could complete the athleisure look.

  American Eagle , $17.95

Wide Leg Pants are so on trend!

Get dressed up in florals from head to toe!

Give them the cold-shoulder!

  J.O.A , $109

J.O.A, $109

Matching Co-Ords

 Tanya Taylor  Top , $225 &  Skirt , $595

Tanya Taylor Top, $225 & Skirt, $595

Perfect for layering, under a blazer!

  Topshop , $60

Topshop, $60

A splurge that you'll have for decades!

  Gucci , $2,980

Gucci, $2,980

And here's a floral bag for a steal!

Liven up the tea party with this dress in full bloom!

  Simply Be , $11.49

Simply Be, $11.49

So chic with these ruffles!

  Maje , $440

Maje, $440

A classic wrap dress in flow chiffon and florals for spring.

Mini-Wrap Dress!

  Reformation , $240