25 Incredibly Pretty Spring Styles For Curly Hair

25 Incredibly Pretty Spring Styles For Curly Hair

Spring has finally arrived, and as we shed our heavy hats and coats, we can also start to enjoy showing off our curls. Indique’s PURE Curly Collection provides a variety of excellent quality curly hair extensions to complete your Spring Look.

Try PURE Curly today with these incredible, beautiful spring styles. 

1. Loose Natural Curls: 

This is a classic spring and summer look vied for by women with both straight and curly hair. If you already have the natural curls, brush a bit of Coconut Oil or Argan Oil through your hair to help your curls stay defined . 

2. Pin-Up:

This vintage hairstyle is definitely making a comeback. Pinning up your curls around your head will require a bit of practice, and an arsenal of hairspray and bobby pins. But, there are plenty of guides online to help you accomplish this look. 

3. The Messy Bun: 

This look is great for days when you are in a hurry. Curly hair extensions are perfect adding to the messy bun look- all you have to do is use a hair tie. 

4. Double-sided Braids:

Braid your hair to either side for a natural country look. For long braids with short hair, add curly hair extensions.  

5. Dragon Braid:

For a no-nonsense Spring look, braid your hair from the top of your scalp all the way down. This may be a bit tricky with curly hair, but the look will be worth it.

6. Mix and Match:

Couple your dragon braid with loose hair by braiding only the top part into the braid and allowing the rest to flow free. You also have the option of adding smaller braids for a beach ready look. 

7. The Bob: 

Toss your curls and cares away for the Spring season by cutting your hair. 

8. The Loose Braid:

Another classic that can be done with either straight or curly hair. You can use curly hair extensions to add volume and length to your braid. 

9. The Decorative Bun:

This is usually a tighter bun with either a braid, or loose strands hanging down. Pin your hair into a bun with curly hair extensions that you can let loose or braid. 

10. Wild Colors: 

Adding a bit of color like gray, teal or purple to hair has become a trend. If you aren’t ready to commit to a color, consider using non-permanent colors, adding color to only the ends, or dying your curly hair extensions for a test run. 

11. Crown Braid Décor:

Use braids to decorate or add order to your loose curls. Create two braids in the front, and allow them to meet in the back. Add flowers for a truly Spring-like look. 

12. The Braided Bun:

For a more formidable bun, braid your hair and pin it into a bun. This is great for more active ventures where you need your hair to stay put. 

13. Off the Shoulder Braid:

This is a classic that is perfect for shorter hair. 

14. Keep Your Hat: 

If you aren’t quite ready to ditch your winter hats, simply let your hair loose from under the hat. Your curls will create a stunning effect. 

15. Go Wild: 

Let your curls go wild and free with minimal brushing and products. Curls are unruly and beautiful, which makes them perfect for spring, a time when nature is greatly appreciated. Add large lashes, pink lips and a bit of blush for a truly “ready for spring” look. 

16. Get a Royal Up-do:

For a formal event, consider pinning your curly hair extensions in a special array on top of your head. This may require a lot of hairspray and a few tries, but there is plenty of help available.

17. Re-Curl:

Use a curling iron to change the shape of your curls for a day to refresh your look. 

18. Embellish:

Add flowers, jewelry or headbands to decorate your hair for Spring. You can add embellishments to almost any look. 

19. Change Your Color: 

If you are ready for a complete color change, consider a vibrant red, light brown or a soft blonde look. 

20. Pigtails: 

This youthful style is a throwback to childhood and can be done in a variety of ways with curly hair. Let your hair go wild for super messy pigtails, or add a bit of product for a more controlled look. 

21. Braid Across the Midline:

Create a braid that starts on one side of your head and crosses to the other. This will allow for a neat look on one side with a pop of hair on the other. 

22. Go Half and Half:

Pin the back of your hair while allowing the front to hang lose. This look is becoming increasingly popular and involves pinning half of your hair up into a bun, or simply create the illusion of a shorter length. The other option is to shorten the back of your hair while leaving the front long- sort of like the opposite of layers. If you don’t want to go through the hassle, or already have short hair, you can use curly hair extensions to create the illusion. 

23. Add a Scarf: 

Braid a colorful scarf into your hair, or tie one around your head like a headband for an instant splash of color. 

24. Multiple Braids:

For Spring look with a taste of Bohemian, consider adding multiple braids to your hair. This will help keep your hair neat and create a nature-loving look that is perfect for the season. 

25. Get the Game of Thrones Look:

With the new season fast approaching, there are many hair tutorials for the most popular Game of Thrones Hairstyles. Whether you liked one of Sansa Stark’s up-dos, or Daenerys Targaryen’s braided styles, there are plenty of online tutorials to help you achieve the look and pay tribute to your favorite female character. 

Whatever you choose to do for the Spring, remember to enjoy yourself.