51 Super Simple Ways To Save Big Money On Your Wedding

51 Super Simple Ways To Save Big Money On Your Wedding

Weddings mark the end of singlehood and the beginning of a long-term, committed relationship. They also tend to be ridiculously expensive. While choosing to have a wedding may feel like a rite of passage, you must also be prepared to make a financial commitment to the project.

The good news is that there are ways to save on your big day. Here are a 51 tips to make your wedding more fun and less financially draining:

1. Invitations:

You can save big money by opting for online invites. This will also allow you to save time trying to tally up your attendees. If you are old fashioned or have family that is old fashioned, consider simple stationary instead of an elaborate invitation.

2. Handwrite:

Seating charts and thank you notes can be written by hand.

3. Skimp on Menus:

Consider keeping one per table, or sending one online ahead of time- you’ll minimize printing costs.

4. Order in Bulk:

Order your printed items and other necessities in bulk to minimize fees.

5. Go Easy on Programs:

Consider having 1 program per couple.

6.Look out for bridal discounts:

Some companies have special offerings for Brides to be.  Check out our Indique Bride page for a generous discount on extensions for your wedding day hair.   


7. Go off Season:

If you aren’t set on a season, consider getting married right before or after the busy seasons to save on costs.

8. Enlist Help:

Skip some of the labor costs by enlisting your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

9. Add Foliage:

Greenery will help round out your flower arrangements and decorations- it tends to be cheaper as well.

10. Go Plastic:

Skip glass vases and use plastic holders. You can get these in varying sizes and colors to add volume to simple displays.

11. Exotic Florals are not Always Expensive:

If you want exotic flowers, consider looking for the inexpensive varieties- you’re sure to find some with a bit of effort!

12. Lighten Your Table:

A minimalist look for your table settings can be elegant and can help cater to a theme.   

13. Make Your Flowers Work:

You can recycle the flower displays from the reception hall to use as table displays.

14. Garlands are Great Decorations:

Garlands aren’t just for Christmas! Use green garlands with minimal flowers to decorate your way down the aisle, and to recycle them to spruce up your banquet hall.

15. Ribbons can add Color and Volume:

Swap greenery for ribbons for a simple, but colorful look on your way down the aisle.

16. Use Your Gifts as Decoration:

It is customary to give the guests a thank you gift, but these can also add to a table display during the reception.

17. Have Someone Close Perform the Ceremony:

If the couple is not religious, having a close friend of the bride and groom, or even a parent, perform the ceremony, can be meaningful and touching.

18. Go Easy on the Pre-Amble:

Cut the number of guests at your rehearsal dinner and other pre-wedding events.

19. Bargain Shop for Your Wedding Dress:


Start looking out for deals early and save yourself some cash.

20. Keep Shoes Simple:

Let your shoes be the “something old” for your wedding.

21. Let Your Bridal Party do Their own Hair and Makeup:

It will be fun and cost friendly.

22. Save on Bouquets:

Swap the bridesmaids bouquets with a single rose or a few simple flowers wrapped in ribbon.

23. Swap the Bachelorette Party for a Spa Treatment:


It will give the bridal party some pampering time and help make sure that their hair and nails are in good shape for the big day.

24. Color Code:

Forget the matching bridesmaid’s dresses that only look good on one member of the wedding party. Let the girls pick their own outfits that work with a color theme.

25. Reach out to Artists:

If you have an artist in your retinue, consider asking that person to help with the poster and invite designs as a wedding present.

26. Swap the Boutonnieres:

Flower boutonnieres can easily be replaced with pocket squares or skipped entirely.

27. Bargain:

Don’t be afraid to ask for discounts or bundle deals for the events leading up to your big day- and for the day itself.

28. Coupon Shop Online:

Many bridal shops offer deals, samples and discount codes.  

29. Rent the Jewelry:

Renting jewelry for the bride cuts costs, not style.

30. Limit Photography:

Hire a photographer only for several hours to document the most important parts of the event, as you’ll have plenty of guests snapping pictures as well.

31. Skip the Hard Copy:

Skip the printing costs of photos or opt for a few choice images.

32. Find new Talent:

Reach out to newer photographers and deejays who come well recommended.  

33. Skip the Move:

Host your reception and wedding at the same place, or close to the same place to eliminate transportation costs.

34. Reuse Your Chairs:

You can save a bunch using the same chairs for the wedding and the reception.

35. Swap the Linens:

Opt for simple cotton tablecloths instead.

36. Minimize Lounge Rentals:

Avoid the extra costs by using furniture from elsewhere in the venue, or opt for a standing lounge.

37. Let Your Guests Work up an Appetite:

Minimize appetizers to be served before the ceremony.  

38.  Go Disposable:


Use disposable plates and cups for appetizers and dessert.

39. Buffets can be Fun, and Filling:


Not to mention cheaper.

40. Create a Signature Drink Menu:

Having a selection of signature drinks for cocktail hour as opposed to a whole bar can save thousands.

41. Cut Dessert Costs:

Limit desserts to just cake and one or two choice selections.

42. Keep Drinks at the Bar:

Let your guests get their champagne and alcohol at the bar and keep catered drinks to water and soda.

43. Consider Downgrading Liquor:

Some selections can be just as good, but much less expensive.

44. Opt for a Deejay:

Skip the band in favor of a deejay to cut costs.  

45. Embellish Your Cake Display:

Use flowers or clever décor to embellish a simple cake.

46. Work with Your Venue:

Allow minimal decorations to compliment, not hide, your chosen venue.

47. Skip Expensive Appetizers:

Opt for something simple instead.

48. Factor in Children:

Include children into your catering and bar costs to ensure that you aren’t paying more than you should.

49. Rent a House:

For a destination wedding, consider renting a house or getting a deal at the resort.

50. Skip the Dinner:

Skip a full course meal in favor of appetizers and desserts.

51. Attach “Thank You” Cards to the Gifts:

This will help save on postage and allow for a smaller size card.