Maintaining natural hair while working out

If you had to choose between either your freshly styled hair and your fit and toned figure, which one would you pick?

Unfortunately, a lot of women choose their freshly styled hair. Here are a few tips on how you can maintain your beautiful natural tresses all while getting your figure right!  

  • Pull it up high and let it dry.

Your blowout can and will survive your morning workout if you do two things:
1. Pull it into either one or multiple ponytails on the top of your head (the higher the better) using a cloth based hair tie. 
2. No matter what,  let your roots dry before your release your locks. Impatience will certainly lead to puffiness, so patience is a must.

  • When you hit the showers, skip the shampoo

If you’re working out more than once a week, giving your hair a full shampoo every time will only add to drying out your hair. You want to lock the moisture in, and you don't want to get it dry and brittle, so opt for a co-wash instead.

  • Workout in Cooler Climates

Working out in cooler climates will help reduce the amount that you sweat into your hair. If you prefer outdoor exercise, try to go earlier in the day or just after the sun sets. 

  • Wear a protective style

If you exercise more than three times a week this may be your best choice. The options are plenty and can be achieved by adding hair extensions.

  • Go deep with your conditioner

Take some down time to restore moisture and a little TLC to your hair with a deep conditioning session