Mother's are always right...

Mother's are always right...

Our mothers are the epitome of strong, independent women who influence our lives more than we’d like to admit.

One thing mothers were always right about consistently? Beauty. The infamous quote “beauty is pain and pain is beauty,” is something all daughters have heard throughout their childhood, and boy if that saying isn’t true! So in lieu of Mother’s Day, here are some sayings we’ve all heard spoken from our mothers about beauty that still apply in our lives currently!

Get your beauty rest 

No one loves walking around like a zombie with dark circles showcased on their face! One of the best tips many mothers worldwide have given their daughters, get a healthy 8-9 hours of sleep daily and you’ll feel and look like you can conquer the world!

Eat your vegetables

At one point in time, everyone was that one kid who refused to finish their peas or spinach and would protest for hours, sitting at the table pouting. Luckily, as our taste buds have matured and we’ve learned to love the foods we once hated, our bodies, especially our skin, are thanking us now! With the vast array of vitamins and minerals vegetables carry, keeping free radicals at bay and maintaining flawless skin is easy to maintain one vegetable at a time.

Keep your hands off your face

“Keep your hands off your face, you’ll spread germs. Your skin will thank you later if you listen to me!” My mother would always speak this mantra to me at an early age, especially after long days were spent on the jungle gym and rubbing my face due to exhaustion would ensue in the car. Dirty hands, on clean or dirty skin, aids in spreading harmful bacteria that causes excessive oiliness, acne, blackheads and many other blemishes.

Wash your face every night

Making it a steadfast routine to wash your face every night is by far some of the best advice we should all adhere to! I’ll admit, I’m guilty of sleeping in my makeup from time to time or being so exhausted that I fall asleep without even thinking about washing my face, however, we’re all causing more harm than good. Sleeping in your makeup and hardly ever washing your face causes all sorts of problems. Not only can you expect blemishes to arise but eye infections can also happen from simply not taking 5-10 minutes to thoroughly wipe that makeup off or cleansing your face. Though it may be hard to master that cut crease eye look or an Oscar worthy contour, we should all be pros at cleaning it off!

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