Brunch So Hard!

Without a doubt, brunch has become one the biggest social staples for women; as ladies are often opting out of the late night party scene for something more chill and interactive.  Brunch is the best of both worlds; not too early for those (non-morning people), or too late that it interrupts the rest of your plans for the day. One can count on great food such as; Chicken & Waffles, Quiche, and French toast… Let’s not forget the must have of mimosas!  Add all of these factors, and you have yourself the perfect setting for an amazing brunch. 

No matter how great the food or mimosas are, the setup isn’t complete without your squad of BFF’s!  Not only is this a time to indulge in great food, but the conversations are ones to get you set with all of the inspiration, gossip, and everything else in between. One of the best things about brunch is that there is no dress code. Look around your local popping brunch spot, and you’re sure to see a group of chicks with their style ranging from; comfy joggers, a tank top paired with converse, then another friend rocking skinny jeans, heels, and a fashion top.

Warmer temperatures are among us, which means rooftops and patios are in full swing!  So go ahead; create a new group message setting up brunch with your girls at the best brunch spot in your city!!