Tips for Straightening Hair Extensions like a Pro

Want to learn how to get straight, sleek hair extensions? Here are 3 tips to flat ironing your extensions like a professional stylist. 

1. Heat protectant is a MAJOR key. Just like human hair, virgin hair extensions need to be protected from heat. It is still possible to damage your extensions if heating tools are not used correctly. Apply heat protectants prior to flat ironing your extensions. There are also serums that act as a heat protectant for a sleek finish. 

2. Choose your tools wisely. Look for flat irons that use ceramic, tourmaline or titanium metals. They will heat more evenly which causes less heat damage. They also release negative ions which work to tighten the hair's cuticle. This produces a shinier, healthier, less frizzy look and feel. Be weary of irons that are ceramic 'coated' as they tend to have a more drying effect.

3. Chase that hair! The comb chase method is a technique where you run a narrowly toothed comb through the strands of the hair while flat ironing. This stretches the hair, ensuring that you get smooth and straight results.

Take your time and give your hair extensions the same TLC you would give your natural hair when using a flat iron. Straightening your extensions is an easy way to give you a different look. Just make sure to protect your tresses so your extensions can last for a long time.