5 tips on what to look for (and what to ask) when finding a Stylist who'll fit your needs!

5 tips on what to look for (and what to ask) when finding a Stylist who'll fit your needs!

We've all been there...one of the worst feelings is leaving a salon unhappy after spending $$$ on your hair extensions and $$$ on a style that you don't even like. Here are a few tips to help you find the right stylist to fit your hair extensions needs:

1. Schedule a consultation! 
Make sure the stylist you are reaching out to offers the service that you are seeking and has worked with the type of extensions you are having installed. Some stylists specialize in only natural hair, not extensions, others specialize in sew-ins but not wig making or closures and frontals. It's your job to do your research!

2. Do your research on the stylist! 
Read reviews! While recommendations from friends, family, and coworkers are ideal, websites such as Instagram.com, Styleseat.com, and Yelp.com are great resources for reviews and photos of stylists work. 

3. Make sure the service you desire is the best fit for your lifestyle! 
For example: if you're hair is short (4" or shorter) then a "vixen" sew-in will probably not be the best for you due to your short hair not being able to blend seamlessly with your extensions. Give the stylist insight on your lifestyle. Are you transitioning? Do you go to the gym regularly? These are all things your potential stylist should know. 

4. Ask questions!
I can't stress the importance of asking your stylist questions before getting your extensions installed. Do not assume anything. Some questions you may want to ask is "does this price include a wash and style", "are kids allowed in your shop", "how can I maintain this look after I leave the shop?" If you're having your bundles custom colored, make sure to ask the stylist how far in advance do they need the hair. No one likes surprises at a salon, so make sure to ask all of your questions before sitting in the chair. 

5. Be Specific! 
Do not assume the stylist doesn't cut wefts. What you may think is common knowledge isn't to everyone. If you prefer the shorter bundle installed in the back and the longer bundles in the front, communicate that! Do not assume because you showed them a picture, they know exactly how you want it installed as well. If you prefer a certain braid pattern/ foundation specify that as well. It never hurts to be specific! 

Open communication and research is key ladies to finding the perfect stylist for you. Make sure they cater to your needs, just because a certain stylist works for your mother/sister/friend does not mean she will meet your needs! Good luck!