How to Shampoo Your Virgin Remy Hair Extensions

One of the great benefits of wearing Indique Virgin Hair Extensions is that it gives you the look, movement, and feel of natural hair, providing the ability to experiment with different lengths, colors, and textures while protecting your own natural hair. Since Indique Virgin Hair Extensions come from live donors and has the cuticle intact, routine care and maintenance are required to ensure the integrity and lifespan of your Indique Virgin Hair Extensions.  

For any texture or pattern of hair we provide, we recommend shampooing and conditioning the hair at least once every two weeks (deep conditioning once a week if the hair is colored or regularly styled with heat). Products used to shampoo, condition, moisturize and style Indique Virgin Hair Extensions should always be organic, sulfate-free and formulated for natural hair types (such as the Indique Hair Care Essentials Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner). 

To ensure that the hair is properly handled while shampooing and conditioning, follow these simple steps below to achieve luscious, moisturized tresses after each and every wash!

1.       If shampooing, do a “pre-poo” treatment on the hair the night before your wash day, which involved coating the ends hair with moisturizing oil such as coconut, jojoba or olive oil to add a protective barrier to help prevent split ends. 

2.       On wash day, start by detangling hair from end to root, and wet with warm water before applying product to avoid tangling and shedding. If your hair is fuller, it may be helpful to separate the hair into smaller sections before washing.

3.       If shampooing, start at the top near the weft and use the “praying hands” method to smooth the product through the hair in a downward motion. Always be gentle during this step as overworking the hair can lead to tangling. Once do this step once before conditioning.

4.       Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water to remove all shampoo from hair before applying a generous amount of conditioner to the hair using the same praying hands method, working the product completely through from root to end.

5.       If deep conditioning, let the conditioner sit in the hair for at least 30 minutes (heat is optional, however, you can sit under a dryer with a plastic cap for added moisture.)

6.       Rinse conditioner out completely and while still wet, apply a few drops (2-3) of natural oils such as almond or coconut evenly to the hair and hang or lay flat to air dry. Applying the oil while the hair is still wet seals the moisture in while providing a soft touch and sheen to the hair once dried. (EXTRA STEP: To lock in, even more, moisture, you can rinse the hair with cold water last to seal the cuticle and lock in the moisture and nutrients from the oils.)

7.       Allow 2-3 hours for the hair to completely dry and avoid wetting your scalp as it may take longer to dry. Fluff ( pun intended) with fingers or wide tooth comb once dry and style as desired and you’re ready to go!

In between washes, always make sure to wrap your hair every night in a silk or satin scarf or bonnet, apply light styling products such as our French Argan OilDesign Essentials Curl Refresher Spray or D.E. Leave-In Conditioner to add moisture when needed.


Be mindful of the amount of products you use throughout the week, as if you tend to use heavier products more frequently you may need to shampoo the hair more often to remove built up & product residue. 


When following these steps, your Indique Virgin Hair Extensions should last up to 1 year of more! Additionally, we also suggest consulting a professional and referencing our Hair Care Guide for more information on how to properly care for and maintain your hair.