Dress to Kill in All Black

Hair stylist, Makeup Artists, the chicks at Victoria’s Secret, and of course Indique ladies are all familiar with the All Black dress code. Initially, the thought of wearing all black seems easy. One may find themselves saying; “Oh black is so slimming… I have lots of black clothes… or, it’ll be so simple to get up and have a general idea of what I’m going to wear”.  

Fast forward two months into the all black dress code, and your closet now looks like you work for a funeral home, or are in a constant state of mourning. You begin to struggle between the idea of rotating outfits on a weekly basis (basically a uniform) or investing in more black clothing that will blend in with everything else in your closet. Scroll through your social media feed there's a noticeable difference of when you took on your new job... selfies are lit, but there you are in all black AGAIN! 

Even with all of the aforementioned, there are ways to spruce up your dark wardrobe to where it makes a statement, in addition to lifting your style spirit. 

Accessories- Bring out the chunky necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and scarves.  Accessorizing provides the opportunity to express your style even while dressed like the other ladies that work with you! Take the opportunity to add some color to your wardrobe with your accessories... bright colors in the summer, and rich tones in the cooler months. 

Textures -  Stand out from your co-workers by adding texture to your look. Try out anything from; fringe, velvet, leather and etc. Anything with dimensions and movement will add a well-needed flair to the repetitive all black attire! 

Lines & Silhouettes - Straight lines can be so boring. Opt for items with unique cuts. Asymmetrical garments work for many body shapes so have some fun with it. 


Hair & Makeup - Some days there just won't be time to deal with putting together a well-constructed outfit. For those days when you're wanting to opt for a simple dress, or your comfy top and go to jeggings: this is a great opportunity to channel your inner makeup artist skills. The great thing about wearing black is that you can literally try any makeup look. There are no limits to the color pallet.... you can go as natural or full on glam! Pair your flawless makeup with gorgeous tresses (by Indique of course), and you are set for the day!