How to Nail your Graduation Look!

The monumental moment of graduating isn't something to be taken lightly. No matter the education level of the graduate, one thing many of these scholarly ladies give a great deal of thought to, is how they will wear their hair on this big day. 

Choosing a hairstyle for graduation requires the consideration for additional factors one may not normally consider. The main reason for the extra consideration is due to the graduation cap. How will your hair look once the cap is on; will you need extensions to help frame your face, and are those curls going to look a crazy mess beneath the ill-fitting cap? These factors can make a girl study her hairstyle harder than she might in her Advance Calculus class.  

Below are a few recent graduates who nailed their graduation look with honors! 

Natural chicks pay close attention! Yara Shahidi, from hit TV show Blackish, flawlessly executed her natural curls on graduation day! Yara opted to have her curls off the face, by sleeking the front back of her hair behind her ears. Organic Curl by Indique would be an awesome texture to recreate this look.

Keke Palmer rocked a classic look of shoulder length hair with soft loose curls. This look could be easily achieved by using Sumatra Wave 16''  by Indique. 

Socialite and daughter of celebrity LL Cool J, Samaria Leah, opted for long sleek blonde tresses at her recent graduation from the Fashion & Art Institute. Replicate this look with the Hysteria Collection, Sunkissed (#24) color in 22 inches.


The focus with this graduation hair is all about length, texture. Achieve this style by using PURE Wavy 30" and mixing BOUNCE Beach Wave 22'' for some added volume and a bit of a custom wave pattern.  (the creative graduation cap is amazing as well)