Five Beauty Tips Every Women should know

Five Beauty Tips Every Women should know

Do you have a defined beauty regimen? If not, we have you covered. Check out our 5 tips below that should be added to your routine! 

1. Find a good moisturizer! Moisturizer is very important for your face. If you have oily skin it doesn't mean you do not need a moisturizer you just may need a lighter moisturizer so it won't be too much.

2. Update your hair and look every 2 years. You always want to switch it up a bit because you do not want to get the "oh you look the same" comment. Also, it makes you feel better when you recreate yourself and change can be a great thing!

3. Sunscreen is the best for anti aging. Without the protection of sun screen, the sun causes wrinkles. So no matter if you really tan or need the sunscreen it is a great beauty tip for anti-aging.

4. Baking Soda Keeps a bright smile. Using baking soda to help whiten teeth is an old trick that still to this day is super helpful. Brushing your teeth daily with baking soda helps whiten your teeth and also helps prevent teeth from staining. A lot of tooth paste has baking soda in it but it is best to use pure baking soda for best results.

5. We as ladies tend to get oily as the day progresses especially when makeup is applied to our face. Well, Starbucks napkins are the best solution to this problem. Next time you're at Starbucks put a couple of napkins in your bag and use them for blotting whenever you need to not be as oily or shiny.