5 Timeless Celebrity Hair Styles To Steal ASAP

With summer heating things up and numerous fun events on the horizon, you are bound to be thinking about a new hairstyle. When it comes to hair, the one-style-fits- all philosophy is definitely not the way to go! Your hair will vary depending on your mood, personality, and even your itinerary. However, it is always good to look outward for a bit of inspiration. Here are five timeless celebrity hair styles to check out, and possibly adopt as your own: 

1. Beyoncé’s Flawless Curls: 

Between her flawless style, keen fashion sense, and amazing performances is it any wonder that Beyoncé is worth emulating?  While the iconic pop star is known for fresh looks, Beyoncé’s gorgeous, luxurious curls have become a hot topic in conversation. The Queen Bee’s curls are defined by their length and vibrant color. To adapt the look, you’ll need the length and curls. If you need help with achieving the length or style, consider curly hair extensions. If you are determined to go for the blonde look, consider getting either pre-dyed or virgin hair extensions, as these will blend the most naturally with your hairdo. This look can be great for just about any occasion- from a casual night out to a formal one. Right now is the time to embrace your curls and get creative. The downside of curls, of course, is maintenance. You will need to retouch and maintain to keep your beautiful length. But if you are willing to put in the time, this glamorous look will be worth the effort. 

2. Eva Longoria’s Layers

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Eva Longoria’s beautiful and stylish look is definitely one to imitate. The star has long been opting for layers which give you the illusion of length without the full-length maintenance. If you are opting for a glamorous look without the hassle, you should check out Eva Longoria’s layered locks. The layers provide straight hair with effortless volume and style. If your hair is naturally curly, and you want to keep it that way, consider skipping some of the layering since you already have the natural volume. The great thing about Eva Longoria’s layers is their versatility. You can comfortably pull your hair out of your face for your favorite summer workout, but you will still have long flowing hair for your evening out. Layers also help with a variety of up do’s and other styling options. 

3. Rhianna’s Shaved Sides

If you are looking for maximal style and minimal maintenance, consider Rhianna’s shaved sides. This look, on the off chance that you have not yet seen the photos, consists of shaving one or both sides of the head while leaving the top longer. The length of the top will vary depending on your preference- you can choose between having a longer top, which means that you will still have your length, or choose to go with a variation on the pixie cut. You can experiment with different lengths and styles throughout the summer season. But whatever style you choose, you will definitely have less of a hassle with styling. This look is also perfect if you are looking for something fresh and edgy to set off your summer style. 

4. Jessica Alba’s Shoulder Length Cut 

If you are looking for a low maintenance look but aren’t ready to shave the sides, consider Jessica Alba’s shoulder length cut. This look is simple and sleek, with your hair coming down just to your shoulders. While Jessica Alba’s hair tends to be on the straighter side, this look will definitely work with curls turning into a delightful curly bob. If your hair is straight, this look requires little maintenance and will definitely let you hit the pool, or the beach without too much worrying. Straightened or natural curls may require a bit more care, but you will still be dealing with short hair, which should make your job easier- and your summer more fun.  
5. The Zoe Kravitz Color Effect

Actress, singer, and model Zoe Kravitz has embraced being a platinum blonde, which looks pretty amazing on Zoe with any hairstyle. Lately, celebrities have been embracing a variety of colors – from platinum blonde to vibrant red, and even varieties of ombre. If platinum blonde isn’t for you, there is nothing wrong with considering colors that you do enjoy. If this is your first-time coloring, you should probably take caution and seek the advice of a professional- or a close friend with experience. To start, choose a color that you like, and in a shade that you will match your skin tone. If you are going for ombre, you will need to choose a few shades. You can start from lighter on top, and darker on the bottom or switch it up. The color will look great regardless of your hairstyle or length. 

Your hair is an extension of your personality and these celebs have certainly found a great look for the summer. If no particular style appeals to your taste, you should definitely keep browsing and experimenting. After all, change is good.