Couples who Slay Together, Stay Together

Have you ever looked at your significant other when you're on your way out the door and realized you were similarly dressed? Is it that you're fashionably intertwined? Or maybe you are both just feeling like Saturdays are really meant for sweats and sneakers, and Friday nights require a complete outfit black out!

Either way sometimes coordinating with bae isn't such a bad thing, I mean if we are both killing the denim on denim or our favorite pair of his and her shoes, let's do it and give the people something to talk about. The couples below have been rocking some of the best (and maybe some of the worst) #twinning moments.

The quintessential commander & chiefs of couples slayayge in recent years are definitely The Wests, who compliment each other in the smallest to the most obvious details. But there are some other celeb pairings who have been matching and slaying in tandem.