The Ultimate Summer Hair : Waist Length Braids

The Ultimate Summer Hair : Waist Length Braids

Box braids are a summer staple every year without fail! Not only do they cut down maintenance from the summer heat and humidity, but they are an amazing protective style. 

One of the biggest trends this summer, is waist length braids and I'm not talking box braids, I'm talking about cornrows! 

Back in February 2016 Beyonce released Formation, and in the video she rocked the the chicest waist length braids.                                                                                                                                                  


Beyonce's variation on waist length cornrows since have been everything from classic straight backs to a full braided ponytail!        


Humidity, salt water, chlorine, and UV rays are all things that affect your hair during the summer, especially while vacationing. Who has the time or the patience to pack enough products to combat the weather.  

If you want to keep your long locs this summer while remaining chic, and on trend. These waist length braids are for you!