Got 99 Bobby Pins & Can't Find One

2017 has been the year of creativity in hair trends. Bobby pins are like the golden ticket in the beauty world. 

This little accessory serves many purposes- from securing your bun to pin curls. Ladies are using bobby pins to create bold stylish looks from high fashion to street chic. 

Keyshia Cole with stylish pins in her braids

Keyshia Cole with stylish pins in her braids

Here's a few Fluff tips when using bobby pins for styling:

Choosing Safe Bobby Pins-  Never use bobby pins that do not have the extra coating. The plastic balls found at the ends of bobby pins are for the protection of your hair and scalp. If the plastic balls have fallen off, it's time to throw out the pin or your hair can get snagged, pulled and torn. 

Inserting the Pins Correctly- Make sure that you're inserting the bobby pins with the grooved side facing downward. The waves of the grooved side are intended to make sure that bobby pin stays in place, so having them outward isn't effective.

Wet Hair & Bobby Pins-  Using bobby pins on wet hair will cause your hair to dry in the shape in which they were inserted. So unless you want indents in your hair, let it dry before styling it with bobby pins.

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