Blown Away With Bounce Blow-Out

As Indique's Resident Stylist, I can't even explain the joy that filled my soul when I first laid eyes on BOUNCE Blow-Out. This was a hair pattern everyone had been yearning for, something with even more texture! Blow-Out looks and feels like natural hair that has been blown out. I can't wait to see the looks that our clients and stylists will create with Blow-Out.

So, how do you care and style a texture like Blow-Out? Well, if you were a BOUNCE Relaxed Straight or SEA Zen Straight fan, then it's very similar. You take care of it the same way you would your natural hair. This texture loves moisture! Shampoo and conditioning this texture bi-weekly will maintain the hair's softness and manageability. I recommend Indique Essential's Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner. Design Essentials Almond & Avocado Nourishing Co-Wash is a great hydrating and gentle cleansing condition to use in between shampoos.

After cleansing, follow with Design Essentials Bamboo& Silk HCO Conditioner cocktailed with a nickel-sized of Design Essentials Silk Essentials Thermal Strengthening Serum. This mixture is the secret recipe for amazing hair, trust me. And a little goes a long way. You can now style as desired. Have fun with Blow-Out, you can air dry, blow dry, silk press, curl, braid or twist out.  

If you do decide to silk press your Blow-out, it may revert back to its natural texture when exposed to moisture or humidity. I recommend using a light holding spray to prolong pressed styles.  Also, use a high-temperature setting when curling due to the coarseness of this texture.


I want to see how you style your BOUNCE Blow-Out. Make sure to tag @iloveindique and #BOUNCEBlowOut