Workout Motivation

We are almost one month into 2018, that means some of us are finding it difficult to follow through with our 2018 body goals. Finding the passion to get up, get dressed and show up is the dreaded battle. You're all pumped after that initial motivational pep talk but then, you slip. Opps!!! Not again... 


This is the exact time to find your true reason (passion) for working out. That's not something anyone can sprinkle on you, that you must find yourself. It begins with a mind shift. What can help, is to eliminate the focus on the pounds and how slowly the scale is going down. (That will drive you insane!!) It's just like focusing on how much money you're going to get on your paycheck. Rather than of how good you're doing at your job so that you can get a promotion or raise. 


Train your mind to focus on working out as FUN! There are many other ways to switch out a workout routine that just hasn't been working for you. Dancing, pilates, zumba, or even weight training are among choice workouts. Look outside of it being not a rush task so, that it becomes mondaine and you give up. Notice how good your body feels moving around and being active. Remember the euphoric feeling after the workout. You feel better in your body, you're happier and maybe even feel like a new person! 

To give you an extra boost of motivation for fitness, YouTube channel Blogilates shares some helpful tips to increase your motivation to not just workout but hopefully enjoy it.