Go Big, Go Gold: Big Gold Earrings Making A Comeback In 2018

Go Big, Go Gold: Big Gold Earrings Making A Comeback In 2018

Nothing makes a person stop you in the streets and ask, "Excuse me, where did you get those?" quite like a pair of  gorgeous earrings.


And after a handful of seasons of the minimalist movement, it's  exciting to see bold jewelry rise back into popularity once again.

From the evening-ready acrylic sets to the return of the gaudy Versace-esque doorknockers - these extra large statement pieces are back with a vengeance!!!

Both fine jewelry designers and fast-fashion brands are offering statement pieces in a color that speaks to us all — the minimalist, the maximalist, and everyone in between: GOLD!!!!

Lets face it big, bold, and gold is a hard combination to beat; and there's no denying its is a definite head turner too!

Oscar De La Renta


Chain Tendril Drop Climber Earrings $335.00, Available at Neiman Marcus



La Brea, $119.00, Available at Cuchara

Lizzie Fortunato


Crater Earrings, $185.00, Available at Lizzie Fortunato

Local Eclectic


Drop Disc Earrings, $128.00, available at Local Eclectic

Laura Lombardi


Fede Earrings, $152.00, Available at Laura Lombardi

Jenny Bird


Dune Hoops, $70.00, available at Jenny Bird



Statement Chandelier Earrings, $15.50, Available at ASOS

Frasier Sterling


Vatican City Earrings, $79.00, Available at Frasier Sterling

Mignonne Gavigan


Mini Madeline Statement Earrings, $125.00, available at Neiman Marcus