Designer Dining

What do people love more than luxury shopping? Fine dining. Well Gucci has a luxurious Restaurant in Florence Italy that allows people to eat in style.


Gucci Dining
Gucci dining room

The restaurant is part of the new Gucci garden complex. The design of the restaurant was intended to make its tasty cuisine standout and, also references Gucci's cultural legacy. The walls of this beautiful place are imprinted with gold lettering with pink-patterned plates and chic monochrome napkins to add to the Gucci aesthetic.

The menu features dishes that include  a chianina hot dog, burgers, and pork belly tortellini in Parmesan sauce with a steamed bun. This beautiful restaurant will attract all fashionable travelers looking for a piece of Gucci pie, and after their done eating they can visit the exhibitions inside Gucci Garden.