7 Benefits of Partner Yoga

The word “yoga” is a Sanskrit term for union. This is exactly what partner yoga aims for- the uniting of two people! It’s a new year so why not add something out of the norm to the longggg resolution list of yours? And the benefit to this is that you don’t have to be alone so you can bring along your bestie, your sister, mother, cousin and even boyfriends and husbands!

Yoga Partner

It’s a great option for building stronger communication skills and intimacy in just about any and every kind of relationship from friendship, family, and your significant other. The postures and flow sequences are designed in an awesome way to create and nurture trust, strengthen communication and it creates a sense of laughter and light heartedness.

Partner Yoga brings people together through movement, play, breath, touch and most importantly, in this environment- intimacy. Here are some of the benefits of partner yoga and what it can bring to your relationship:

1)      Enhances and cultivates physical and emotional support in relationships
Both partners need to be fully engaged in the experience and rely on each other for the very creation of poses and to maintain balance, alignment and focus. This is a great way to increase the connection you have with your special someone as you learn to let go, enhance your communication, be open and have full faith in each other for their full support in each of the poses.


2)      Creating Shared Moment

Partner yoga is not just about basing and flying, instead it is about giving and receiving. Size doesn’t matter, intention does. Let go of the idea of big people picking up small people, because it works both ways. Think about two people moving together. Give yourself the chance to let someone receive your weight. Take the opportunity for someone to create shared movement with you. What is sexier than creating a bond and amazing moments together while flying high!

3)      Learning To Let Go
 Sometimes we all take life too seriously, and there is always the temptation after a challenging day to take this out on our partner. Partner Yoga is about learning to let go and enjoy life!


4)      Playground For Intimacy

Practicing with your loved ones can help to bring you closer. Relationships all go through breaks or rough patches when the current situation gets challenging and you need to work through them together. Partner yoga creates a great sense of fun, and a sense of letting go and allowing you to not take yourselves/each other and whatever problems that may exist around you too seriously.

5)      Improving Self-Awareness And Trust
In learning to trust another person, you deepen your ability to trust yourself. Partner yoga practice reveal the beauty of your interdependence. We see that when we take the risk to become vulnerable in the presence of another, we are empowered to go much deeper with less effort. 

Yoga poses

6)      Power Of Touch

As in a relationship, touch is an important part of partner yoga. Leverage and kinesthetic awareness all enhances the boy’s ability to perform and make it possible to go more deeply into poses with less effort. We touch and are touched by others. We use the touch that we receive to increase our awareness of each other, and to open ourselves to greater depths in our body and our minds.

7)      Creating A Sense Of Balance
We tend to have a particular need in our relational patterns. On one end of the spectrum, we may be so overly sensitive and yielding to others that we lose touch with a healthy boundary of self. At the other end, we may be so guarded that we are unable to make an authentic connection with others. There is no giver or receiver in a yoga pose within Partner Yoga. Both partners are fully engaged in their own experience, each with their own clear role of support for the other person- creating that perfect sense of balance.