Life Hacks, Tooth Paste

If you’re anything like us, you love mutli-use products. On top of helping eliminate clutter and saving your bank account multi-use products just make us feel like we’ve received a better deal. When you’re in a pinch and need that stain cleaned, or that annoying bug bite just wont stop toothpaste has come to the rescue! 

 No time to take your ring to the cleaners?

wedding ring


Not a problem! All you need is an old toothbrush and a non-gel toothpaste of choose. Using a gentle circular motion brush paste on your stones then rinse off with a damp cloth for a newly polished shine that’ll blind everyone looking directly at it!

 Do foggy bathroom mirrors slow down your routine?

Foggy Mirror


Don’t be late again! Before jumping into the shower just coat a portion or all of your mirror in non-gel toothpaste and whip clean. You’ll be amazed how clear your mirrors are when you finish up! 

Make-up or lipstick on your clothes?


Have you avoided wearing white because of your makeup addiction? NEVER AGAIN! You won’t ruin an outfit ever again. With some – you guess it- non-gel toothpaste – you can dab the paste on the stain and vigorously rub before rinsing clean and tossing in your washing machine.


Blemish before a big day?

acne fix


The night before dab a small bit of non-gel non-whitening toothpaste on your blemish. When you wake you’ll realize the paste has dehydrated your acne over night with much success.