Oprah Over The Years

Oprah has been a fashion idol for ages influencing women in the comfort of their home. She has been touching our hearts and expanding our minds, all while being trendy and fashionable. In June 2015 Oprah's OWN posted a video on YouTube poking fun at all her hair styles over the year. 


preview-full-Oprah style recreations with Indique.jpg

Here at Fluff we’d like to pay homage to the ICON herself by showing you how to recreate some of Oprah’s original styles at home using your Indique hair care products and bundles.

preview-full-Oprah 1986 edit.jpg

Oprah circa 1986  
In 1986 Oprah was on trend with the infamous Mullet style. She definitely stuck with the decade having TONS of volume all throughout her style. The top is styled in a more eventful manner.

To achieve this look start with Indique's Bounce Blow Out. The texture and volume offered in this hair will ensure we get all that lift in the style. You’ll want to use the beehive braids for this sew in since we will be closing up ALL of the top of the hair. It’ll help to flat iron the hair before installation (being sure to use Indique Essentials Heat Guard) since this is a styled look and your install will be made easier doing so. Use Indique Essentials Heat Guard and a quality iron to do so. Once hair is installed you’ll want to portion off the top of the hair from the rest, then cut square layers.  After the cut is complete it’s time to style. Grab Indique Essentials Dry Shampoo to add texture to the hair, setting with a quality holding spray and finish with a light misting of Indique Essentials Shine. 

Oprah’s style in 1989 was a grown out silkened look. In order to achieve this volume, you’ll need lots of round layers at the top and Indique's Bounce Relaxed Straight 10’’ along with a Pressed Straight Closure. You’ll want to install the closure first then your bundles.  Cut round layers while keeping in mind the shortest layer should be where you want the bangs to end (Oprah has hers just above her brow).  Once the layers are finished, the fringe should be added, then you’re ready to style. 

Styling will require a lot of heat and holding spray, so be sure to grab Indique Essentials Heat Guard and an extra hold like Got2b Freeze Spray. Start by pressing out this style. (TIP: Curve the iron to give volume and shape.) You’ll notice the disconnection from the crown of her style to the remainder of the cut. To recreate this, back combing should be implemented.  It would be best to spray the section before back combing to help the foundation have something to sit on that will stay in place. When you’re finished freshen up the ends of the crown and add Indique Essentials Spray Shine.


preview-full-Oprah 1995 edit.jpg

Oprah circa 1995

In 1995 Oprah traded in the volume of her hair for a toned down sleek bob. This simple style can be recreated by using Indique's Bounce Natural Roots 10’’, then cut and styled. First sew down the bundles being mindful of the subtle fringe in this recreation. This cut will be a straight forward one length bob, adding a soft bang. Once the hair is cut you’ll need Indique Essentials French Argan Oil and Indique Essentials Heat Guard for styling. Spray with Heat Guard and press the hair using the same bending technique iron to create volume. This time you’ll want to concentrate the bend only at the ends of the hair. This can also be recreated by doing a round brush blow out. You’ll want to bump the bangs as well to offer that movement and body Oprah has. After the style apply a small amount of Indique Essentials French Argon Oil to complete this classic look.

In 1998 Oprah traded in her straightened tresses for a tight curl.  This basic look can be recreated with Bounce Organic Curl 14’’.  Once installed the hair should be dampened in order to apply Design Essential Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse. Finger comb through to ensure even distribution then sit under a dryer. Oprah pull the top half of her hair back out of her face for this style.

preview-full-Oprah 1998.png


Later in 1998 Oprah switches it up yet again with a silkier style that can be achieved with Indique's Bounce Relaxed Straight 10’’, cut into square layers and pressed out. No closure is needed, just be sure to use the Indique Essentials Heat Guard and  French Argan Oil for a finishing touch. 


preview-full-Oprah 2005 edit.jpg

Oprah circa 2005 

2005 Oprah gives us curls that are a little looser and more free flowing. You can use Indique's Pure Curly 10’’ & 12’’ for this mock ‘do. You can opt for the Curly Closure or press leave out and flexi rod it to match. After sewing hair down it’s a simple square layer cut. Use Design Essentials Coconut & Moni Curl Defining Gelee on damp hair and distribute evenly through hair. Go back through and pick pieces out twisting them to redefine and separate.

 Oprah- 2018

Oprah is seen wearing Indique Hair in the February 2018 issue of O Magazine! 

To recreate these looks, click the image above to find out the textures and lengths that Indique Pro Stylist, Nicole Mangrum, used on Oprah!