FLUFFed Winter Skin

For those of us who have dry skin, the winter season can be very draining, literally. One would think that the snow and rain would help to hydrate the skin but the truth is that during the cold winter season, the air is actually dry due to low humidity levels. This can cause skin to not produce as much oil, stripping our faces bare and leaving it dry meaning cracked skin and dry patches.. Additionally, this can result in excessive oil being produced, which can cause breakouts. Who would've known that this beautiful season could do such damage?


Finding the right balance of a cleaner that won't strip your skin of it's natural oils and a moisturizer that will hydrate your skin without adding an excessive amount of oil is a very difficult task.Maintaining your skin in the winter is a full time job in itself but the pay off is great .Have no fear...Fluff skin is here! We have 4 tips that will help to keep your skin "FLUFFed", hydrated and glowing all winter long. So come on, Let's glow!

1. DRINK LOTS OF WATER! - Here at Fluff we can't stress the importance of drinking water enough. Healing for your skin starts from within. We have to keep our bodies hydrated and feeling good internally, so that it can produce a hydrated and youthful look externally. 

2. USE A WHITE TOWEL WHEN WASHING YOUR FACE - White towels are the holy grail. Being that they are not dyed with any type of ink as colored towels are, we won't have to worry about our skin being irritated additionally due to our skin soaking up ink from the towels, especially with dry skin being easily cracked and dry during this dry season, it tends to take in everything we put on it. This includes ink from towels as well. 

3. CLEANSERS - Changing your cleanser for the winter season is extremely important. We want to make sure that we use cleansers that clear out our pores, without stripping our skin, while cleansing our skin yet leaving it hydrated. That was a lot, we know but it will all be worth it! Let us explain. This means that we need a moisturizing, hydrating cleanser, preferably one that contains a natural oil, such as Jojoba or Rose Hip oil. This will assist in preparing us for our final step.

4. MOISTURIZERS - Finding a moisturizer for this season can be tricky. We want to be sure that it leaves our skin hydrated but not oily. We do not want a face that's oily. You want a moisturizer that will literally lock in the moisture. A water based moisturizer just might be a winner! Here's a quick tip : After you wash your face, lightly pat dry leaving your face moist and immediately add on your moisturizer. Leaving your skin slightly wet will help to seal in the moisturizer. It can literally seals the deal.

We hope that these tips have been useful on your journey to FLUFFed winter skin.

Check out the pics with links below where you can find product that will bring your skin to life this winter season: