Multi-use Miracle

Now that the weather is getting significantly cooler, your beauty regimen changes to accommodate for the dry and cold weather. From strong gusts of wind, snowy precipitation, to chilly temperatures, it's no wonder why people layer up! Skin and hair even have to go through a different process, especially our hair. Hair strands become drier due to the frigid air, which means we need to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! This season, something else will have to be introduced to your hair's regimen to maintain it's luster and the best way to achieve this is through a hot oil treatment. 

Illustrated By Jacqueline Davis Moranti

Illustrated By Jacqueline Davis Moranti

The benefits of oils have been proven throughout history, from face, to hair, and to body, it's been one of beauty's biggest and most natural breakthroughs. The question is which oil do you use, out of the many that are out there? Many oils have the ability to strengthen and restore the hair with exclusive repairative complexes, essential blending bonds bursting with antioxidants and combining hydrating minerals. 

The way oil treatments work, is by wrapping each strand with a thick coating to re bond the split ends and reinforce the hair's fibers to promote thickness. Hot oil treatments also restore's the hair's natural elasticity with vitamin E, not to mention how invigorating it feels on the scalp! Here’s a few of the best oils to use for hot oil treatments and various other uses….

Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is the best oil to use for all hair types. It keeps the scalp healthy and promotes hair growth with it’s natural vitamins and minerals. Coconut oil is one of the best options to build stronger strands especially those prone to breakage and slow growth, not to mention it’s a fantastic body oil! Try Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Replenishing Hair Milk

Argan Oil: Argan oil which is derived from a nut in Morocco, is best described as liquid gold! This particular oil is rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E, it can help turn dry and unruly hair into softer and more manageable tresses while cutting down on the frizz factor too. Used as a heat protectant also helps keep your tresses lustrous and healthy. Try Indique’s Argan Oil 

Almond Oil: Almond oil which is best used for scalp inflammation/ irritation is packed with vitamin E, fatty acids and protein. Almond oil is best used as a pre- shampoo (pre-poo) hot oil treatment to help reduce inflammation on the scalp, redness and dandruff. Almond oil is also a great alternative to traditional face moisturizers. Try Now Solutions Sweet Almond Oil

Remember these oils when you desire a botanical infusion for your hair, it'll give you good hair days for months and provide you with multi- purpose uses!