7 Black Owned Beauty Brands That You Need to Know

7 Black Owned Beauty Brands That You Need to Know

Black beauty brands are on the rise and that is amazing. Companies like Fenty Beauty, have a large variety of shades and tones that work for women of many different complexions. We gathered a list of some of our favorite brands below:


Pat McGrath Labs

Pat McGrath is an internationally famed makeup artist who started her career in 1990. She has worked with designers such as Maison Margiela and worked as the makeup artist on various shoots for major fashion magazines such as Vogue and W magazine. She recently launched her own makeup line and her new launches consistently sell out leaving her company itself to be worth over a million dollars. The hype with this beauty brand is too real.


Fenty Beauty

Everyone's favorite bad girl, Rihanna, blew away the makeup industry with her brand Fenty Beauty in September of 2017 and continues to impress with every new collection launch. She debuted her foundation line in 40 shades launching her into an elite status and highlighting the conversation about the lack of shade range that black women face when choosing their base makeup.


Mented Cosmetics

KJ Miller and Amanda Johnson graduated from Harvard Business School in 2014 and started the Mented Cosmetics line in January of 2017. These lovelies connected over their goal of creating a beauty product for women like them who have been forgotten in the beauty industry. Their claim to success is producing nude lip color options for black women all of which are vegan, paraben-free, non-toxic, cruelty-free.

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Beauty Bakerie

"Better, not bitter" is the motto of cancer survivor and single mother Cashmere Nicole. She built her brand up from the ground up by combining two of her favorites - makeup and sweets. Known for their Lip Whips that are near bulletproof, the brand has gained a cult following for their baking powders, concealers, and foundations in very black girl friendly shades.


Brock's Beauty's Hairfinity

Tai Lawrence and her husband, Brock Lawrence started the Hairfinity, a pill targeted for hair growth in 2004 and is now available nearly everywhere. Along with their hair growth pills, the brand has expanded their products to skincare, vitamins, and hair care products as well and have gained the attention and support of the Kardashians.

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Juvia’s Place

This makeup brand has a huge following and it isn't just clout. They are known for their highly pigmented and smooth eyeshadow palettes. Owner Chichi Eburu used inspiration from her West African heritage to create her cosmetic company a little over three years ago and the company has been on the up and up since.

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Coloured Raine

Coloured Raine was put on the radar once Rihanna was seen wearing one of their lip products on the red carpet. Owner Loraine R. Dowdy started the brand the in 2013 and their lipsticks and lip creams are cruelty-free. With their followers growing at a rapid pace and their recently launched eyeshadows they are definitely a brand to keep your eye on.