Tips to a Healthy Scalp While Wearing Extensions

Tips to a Healthy Scalp While Wearing Extensions
Tips to a Healthy Scalp While Wearing Extensions.jpg

5 Helpful tips to give your natural hair some TLC while wearing extensions: 

  1. Moisturize – Let’s be honest, it can be way too easy to neglect your natural hair underneath your sew in. However, it is very important to give your scalp moisture. It’s best to use an applicator bottle to get in between those tracks and to ensure the oil touches the scalp. This helps moisturize your natural hair while keeping your extensions free of excessive oil. 

  2. Cleanse/Clarify – It is important to cleanse the scalp to avoid any product build up. Remember to always use a sulfate- free shampoo and make sure your braids are completely dry. 

  3. Break up with Heat – The best way to ensure that your hair is healthy and protected, is to ditch the heat and invest in a closure or frontal. Most breakage comes from too much heat on our natural hair while using a flat iron. Closures and frontals allow you to achieve your style with no hair left out and no damage. 

  4. Protect Edges/Leave-Out – a huge amount of damage can occur to your hair or edges if the proper precautions are not taken. It is important that there is not too much tension when hair is braided. Also, make sure you are massaging and applying oil as needed. 

  5. Know when to take your extensions out – Never keep your extensions in too long! It is important to give your hair a break. Your hair should never stay in past 6 weeks, if you extend this time too much, your hair will not only be old and ready to come out, but your natural hair has a chance to mat and loc.  

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