Meeting the In-Laws this Holiday Season- The Do's & Don'ts

Meeting the In-Laws this Holiday Season- The Do's & Don'ts

Meeting your significant other's family can be a very scary thing, so make sure you are prepared for successes with the Fluff "one-stop shop" Do's and Don’ts for meeting the in-laws this holiday season. We are here to make sure your first impression is your best impression! We’ve provided a few general ideas of what looks would win over any family no matter the setting and no matter the budget.

fall Dress.JPG

DO: The Classic Look

The classic look is a simple babydoll dress, you can dress it up with a nice pattern or a solid color. Make sure you find a color that goes for the season, because it is almost winter so we are now transitioning to darker colors versus the pastels in the summer. Because this dress has so much character you don’t need too much jewelry so a nice necklace or a simple watch will do just fine. Anything else and you will be sending the wrong message to your new family.

DO: The Preppy Look

The preppy look is a staple go-to style and this gives a little more room for you to dress it up with jewelry if that is your thing. This look can be accomplished by getting a simple top and skirt/pants with a nice blazer/sweater or cute and simple dress and tights. You can also add a belt around the waist area to define your shape. With this look the bigger the better that is for your jewelry of course!

oh no !.JPG

DON'T: The Bodycon Look

Don’t be that girl who doesn’t understand the difference between a “going out” outfit and a “get together” outfit! If you must keep pulling at it to keep it down, then keep it at home. If you don’t really know if it’s okay for the holidays then stick to this simple — if it’s showing thigh then it’s too high!

DO: The Modern Look

The modern look is for the woman who is not too into dresses but would like to dress up her look a little. This is not a form fitted dress and it’s loose in all the right areas so you still get the comfort of pants but the a glam look of the dress. If you’re not a big high heel girl then this dress is just right for you a nice short boot would work just fine with this outfit.


DO: The BOHO Look

The BOHO look is one of our favorite looks. No matter what your preference is — jewelry or no jewelry, heels or boots, hair up or down — this look brings life to whatever you add to it.

DON'T: The See-Through Look

One more tip! Stay away from see-through outfits or sheer. We want to give the family something to talk about, let’s not make it about everything that wasn’t covered up if you know what we mean. Stick with these four looks with a spin of your personality and we promise you will win over the whole family this holiday season. The families are going to have 99 questions, but your outfit is not one, happy holidays.